Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes Diagnosis

Diabetes is a disease that has been lurking around the bend. This disease has gained much popularity to a larger size of the population. Diabetes can occur with signs and symptoms. Until then the patient will consult for other ailments that is the only time, diabetes can be linked to the disease itself.

When diagnosing diabetes, there must be an extra effort to do by the patient. He has to comply with all the laboratory exams the doctor might order. As a diabetic, you do not have to fret over these tedious processes because it will be all worth your time and your effort. The diabetes diagnosis procedures might depend on finding glucose in the urine. Together with an increased in blood sugar level, the doctor will closely link all the signs and symptoms to diabetes. Actually all of these laboratory stuffs are ordered by the physician for your own good. They cannot diagnose a disease without a thorough laboratory work up.

Physicians do order oral glucose tolerance test which are often expensive. This is being done in certain clinical cases that are complicated. In this oral glucose test, the doctor will diagnose that presence of diabetes with a glucose water value of greater than or equal to 200 mg/dl. According to the World Health Organization, diabetes can be concluded through the administration of an oral glucose tolerance test. Anhydrous glucose which has been dissolved in water shall be given to the patient. To be more specific 75grams of Anhydrous glucose shall be administered. After which the blood glucose level of the patient will be measured 2 hours later after the administration of anhydrous glucose.

There are several ways to diagnose diabetes. Some can be done by the patient or attending person in the household. There are some ways of diagnosing diabetes that are too complicated and sophisticated that need much of the clinical or hospital setting or a laboratory in order to be carried out.

Achieving good control of blood glucose is vital for anyone with diabetes. It is therefore important for anyone suffering from diabetes to have regular health checks to check on their blood glucose level. This can be done either by the doctor in the clinic or by sending blood samples to the hospital laboratory for further diagnosis.

If you experience symptoms like frequent urination, excessive thirst and hunger. Diabetes has a sudden weight loss, increased tingling sensation in upper and lover extremities. There are several serum and urine tests that can be done in order for diabetes to be diagnosed. It is the preferred method of diagnosing diabetes since it is practical. Fasting plasma glucose test can be most preferred by clients since it is not that expensive. For Blood glucose tests the client must prepare to take the exam. He or she must be conditioned to endure the requirement that nothing is allowed via the mouth for a minimum of 8 hours before the Fasting plasma glucose test. Another method is the casual plasma glucose test. This is a lot convenient since no fasting is needed. However, there are a lot of easy to user self administered testing products available in the market.

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