Diabetes Fatigue

Diabetes Fatigue

Stress and fatigue are two inevitable things. They exist almost like in a constant pattern. The body can experience being consumed and tired for so many reasons. Just to name a few, medications, physical activity, inactivity, conception and stress can bring a lot of that tired and haggard feeling. Tiredness is the second most often mentioned sign that a client mentions during a visit to a doctor. It is also possible that tiredness can be a sign that diabetes is existing.

Diabetes can bring a tired and all worn out feeling. After a days work, the diabetic person feels so tired that raising a single hand seems like a Herculean task to do. This can serve as a warning sign the person that diabetes can be happening before you know it. Classic symptoms can accompany the existence of fatigue. These classic symptoms are polydipsia (defined as excessive thirst), polyphagia (defined as excessive hunger), and there is an increased in the urge to urinate, visual impairment, skin irritations and an unexplained weight loss. When all of these occur, it is time to seek for a health professional’s advice. You need to see your doctor before you know it.

Diabetes fatigue can be related to the imbalance in the plasma sugar of our body. The body uses up glucose in order to generate energy through metabolism. This energy (in the from of ATP) can be used to fuel the body’s needs for a constant source of energy. Insulin controls the utilization of glucose in the body. It serves as a passport of glucose to enter the body. Without the presence of insulin, glucose cannot enter the cells because the cells do have that selective permeability of the cell membrane. Glucose cannot enter the cell without the help of insulin. Instead, the glucose will stay in the blood stream, where it stay unused and will eventually cause the blood to be viscous. The increased viscosity of the blood will make the blood flow to be sluggish. When the cells cannot use the glucose, there is a greater possibility of fatigue. The diabetic person will feel constantly consumed and physically drained. The body works like a car. It will not go for several miles without the presence of fuel. The body works like a machine too. It will not work when it does not have fuel. The fuel is they glucose which is used by the body to make energy in order to support daily cellular activities. If there is no blood sugar the body will be gone for a halt. Thus, it is best that glucose shall be placed inside the cells to be utilized. The diabetic person must accept the fact that diabetes has entered her system. In this way, a more open mind can absorb the essential things to do in order to address the tiredness that the diabetic person feels.

The diabetic can perform relaxation techniques in order to address diabetes fatigue. Meditation, guided imagery and deep breathing exercises can be done to get rid of diabetic fatigue. Diabetic fatigue can be managed by keeping a positive outlook in life and taking responsibility of your present condition.

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