Diabetes Signs

Diabetes Signs

There has been an alarming increase in the number of people acquiring diabetes mellitus. With Type II Diabetes to be the most frequent type of diabetes that occur much of to a larger number of diabetics. What we are talking about here is the people who are already suffering from the disease itself; it does not include those who are at risk in acquiring the disease and often times these people are not aware of the greater risk they have in developing this debilitating disease.

Diabetes can develop without further signs and symptoms. It can be asymptomatic (or progress without any symptoms). The bitter truth about diabetes is that, we often times take for granted the signs and symptoms which comes out first prior to being diagnosed with diabetes. Patients with diabetes often deny the fact that they have the disease. It is understandable since often times we do not want to associate ourselves with any disease buy if you have the signs that would suggest the occurrence of diabetes, it is a lot better that you seek the help of the doctor as soon as possible. Prompt and efficient medical attention can help address the concern.

Diabetes is a serious and a life long disease condition which has several complications which a person does not want to develop. If diabetes stays untreated and not given ample medical attention, severe complication will arise. United States has an increasing number of people suffering from the disease. We are not talking about thousands here, we talk in millions. This may came as a surprise but it is the real picture. You must understand that the growing numbers of diabetic Americans are due to the fact that America is getting fatter reaching morbid obesity. Americans must understand that diabetes and obesity is correlated because fats interfere in the utilization of insulin in our body. This insulin regulates blood sugar level. If insulin cannot be utilized by the body or it is malfunctioning, blood sugar level will rise since the cells cannot use the glucose for energy production. You may want to consider some of the early signs of diabetes. These can be of help for you to use as an early guide when to seek the help of a physician. Oftentimes people find out about there diabetes in a visit to a doctor for other disease and not diabetes itself.

If you experience a more frequent urge to urinate you may associate this with diabetes. This is due to the fact that diabetes increases the amount of blood flow to the kidneys that is the reason behind the development of kidney problems later if diabetes is not addressed. Polyphagia (or extreme hunger) can develop in the sense that the cells do starve for a moment mainly because of the failure of glucose to enter the cells. If there is an unexplained loss of weight this is suggestive of diabetes. This is because at a cellular level, the body is deprived of food and energy, thus fat breakdown is the means of the body to augment the loss in energy. Eventually the diabetic person will feel a very haggard and tired feeling. Polydipsia is another sign to consider. This is define to be a state of extreme thirst due to the fact that water goes to where there is a greater concentration of the solutes ( sugar). These are just few of the signs that a diabetic may experience. A trip to the doctor is essential to rule out any presence of disease.

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