Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes Treatments

During those centuries when insulin was not yet discovered, people with type 1 diabetes had no choice but to succumb to the disease. Despite the fact that insulin does not eliminate diabetes, its discovery made the disease controllable and manageable. You can’t imagine yourself being born before the discovery of insulin in 1921. It must be a very difficult challenge that often resulted in despair and defeat. Nothing can be more troublesome than having an illness that you know cannot be cured. Whether you accept it or not, there’s really nothing you can do about it other than praying.

At present times however, technological advancement has taken us to a safer world. Most diseases except AIDS and certain cancers are already curable or controllable. With diabetes, medical experts still have not found the exact cause and cure of the disease but it can be managed and addressed. As type 1 diabetes is a severe absence of insulin, the remedy or treatment is nothing else but insulin itself. The root defect of the body system in a case of type 1 diabetes is in the insulin-producing part of the pancreas. Such a defect as of the moment cannot be repaired so that the only solution is constant insulin injection on the patient. This may seem so inconvenient on the part of the diabetic person but he/she has to do it otherwise he/she has no other chance of survival. The process is also called insulin via injection or insulin pump. For now, this is the only treatment for type 1 diabetes. The whole process requires close monitoring by an expert because the amount of insulin must be balanced with food intake and everyday activities. Constant and frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels should also be done.

Type 2 diabetes is a more manageable and controllable type of diabetes. The main problem of this category of the disease is that the insulin in the body does not function efficiently. In other words it is a case of abnormal insulin performance. In contrast to type 1 diabetes which is a severe destruction of the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, type 2 diabetes is about problematic insulin functioning. This means that what the patient has to do in order to address the health problem is to optimize his or her body system process in order to achieve a safe blood glucose level. The most common treatment or management tools in a type 2 diabetes are engaging in a balanced and healthy diet, doing regular physical activities, and blood sugar testing. Many type 2 diabetes patients also take prescribed medication or inject insulin to maintain normal blood sugar level. Most diabetes cases fall under the type 2 category. People who have this health condition are usually able to live normal lives like any other person.

Diabetes patients are required to take full responsibility of their health. They must closely and religiously monitor their blood glucose level and food intake. They must also remember not to make their blood sugar level drop too low because they may experience hypoglycemia which is a state of being shaky, confused and nervous.

There is actually no treatment that can permanently cure diabetes. All the remedies that are used for the disease are only for the purpose of controlling and managing it. Other than that, there’s nothing more. Perhaps only miracles or a scientific breakthrough can cure diabetes.

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