Type 1 Diabetes Causes

Type 1 Diabetes Causes

Perhaps, the treatment or management of type 1 diabetes is practically known already by the millions of its patients. Managing or treating the disease enables the patients to function normally just like any other person. However, not everybody knows the causes of type 1 diabetes. Knowing such causes can help people prevent the disease especially because type 1 diabetes is a life threatening condition. As most of us know, prevention is always a better option than cure. Type 1 diabetes, as well as the other types of diabetes, has no known or established cause. Recent studies however show that some risk factors lead to the condition. Knowing these risk factors, which in a way can also be considered causes, can rid us from the worse possibilities of the disease. There is no way a person can prevent type 1 diabetes, but the diabetic patient can take in insulin to be able to live a normal life.

With diabetes type 1 the body lacks a vast amount of insulin or does not have insulin at all. This is because the immune system in this case has damaged the insulin producing cells or beta cells. Such a serious damage takes place within the pancreas. Scientific research suggests that risk factors such as poor diets and heredity cause type 1 diabetes. Experts also believe that this type of diabetes is caused by a triggering factor in the environment. This triggering factor can be an allergen or a kind of virus which fuels the immune system to destroy the insulin producing cells or beta cells in the pancreas. Once these beta cells are completely damaged, a serious deficiency or absence of insulin occurs, which is in itself already type 1 diabetes.

Without insulin, the glucose cannot be absorbed into the body cells and remains in the blood instead causing the blood sugar level to rise to its peak. This dangerous blood sugar level if not treated or addressed can cause very serious damage to body cells thus putting one’s life at risk. Glucose is meant to go to the body cells to be used as source of energy. Keeping this sugar in the blood for a long period of time is abnormal and irregular, and can certainly bring about severe complications.

What should typically take place is a constant production of insulin in the pancreas. Immediately after a person’s every meal, the insulin production should increase in order to cope with the increase of sugar or glucose in the blood. This extra insulin maintains the blood sugar level of the body as it makes way for a better absorption of glucose into the cells. When type 1 diabetes comes about, this balancing process is very much affected and results in damaging complications.

There are prevailing misconceptions about type 1 diabetes. It is important to know these wrong beliefs on the disease to guide us in our fight against diabetes. Sweet candies, beverage and foods do not cause diabetes. Instead, they cause obesity which is a risk factor of diabetes. Stress cannot cause diabetes. It can only make the symptoms worse in the case of diabetic persons.

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